A certain type of twentysomething girl is bound to have a fling/relationship/sexual encounter or two with a significantly older man. Hannah is most certainly that type of girl, and so it is no surprise that this episode is all about her meeting Joshua (Patrick Wilson),  a 42-year-old separated doctor, and spending 36 hours shacked up with him. In fact, it seems like all these girls are that kind of girl—Marnie is with artist Booth Jonathan, Shosh is with 33-year-old Ray, and Jessa must have an older man or 20 in her rearview mirror (for instance the father of her babysitting charges from last season). This episode has a different tone from the others, partly due to the fact that we only see Hannah, and partly because it isn’t funny per se, as much as thoughtful and bittersweet. This relationship may not, in fact cannot, last, but it is a telling encounter, and one that Hannah is unlikely to forget. Since Hannah is the only main character in this episode (except for her boss Ray, who sort of sets the whole thing in motion) we will break this down by the most important things that happen, starting with the garbage. Yep, the garbage. Read on.
THE GARBAGE CONUNDRUM Last week we saw a more self-assured Hannah, hosting a dinner party for her friends with money she’d made actually writing. This week we see her at her regular paycheck job at Grumpy’s, goofing around with her manager Ray. Hannah seems so happy and carefree, wearing her floral onesie and explaining the definition of the new word – sexit –that she has coined (that is going to end up in the word graveyard alongside “fetch”, Hannah). Part of her good cheer can be traced back to discovering Marnie and Elijah’s indiscretion, allowing her to feel like the good friend rather than the bad one for once. So is this the end of Hannah’s childish behavior? Has she entered the land of grownups? Not by a mile.
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