Hannah’s dinner party featured pad thai and bundt cake.

Farewell Elijah the fink.  As punishment for his three seconds of semi-flaccid lovemaking with Marnie he is out of a roommate, an apartment and all the sweet swag he got out of his relationship with George, who has apparently bequeathed all his gifts to Hannah. We’ll miss Elijah—he was becoming one of the best parts of the season. And he isn’t the only man kicked to the curb this week. No relationship is safe this episode.
HANNAH Roomateless again. On the plus side, Hannah has acquired some new furniture and on the minus has learned that Elijah won’t be paying rent for the month because he doesn’t have the funds, and he has calculated the cost of the burritos he bought her while they were dating (with extra toppings) as well as the butt plug (say WHAT?) and feels that they’re even. Even though she is once again in a financial bind, we have to say Hannah shows some emotional growth in this roommate eviction—no hysteria. She even shows her burgeoning sense of adulthood by throwing a dinner party. Using the money she earned from jazzhate.com for her first article (presumably about banging her ex-junkie neighbor while high on coke), Hannah prepares organic pad thai for Charlie, headband-obsessed Audrey, Shosh and Ray and party-crasher Marnie. She isn’t technically crashing since Hannah invited her, but it was assumed she wouldn’t attend because of her transgression with Elijah.
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