Recap: Episode 10, Season 1 finale.

Weddings aren’t traditionally thought of as endings, but, in a sense, they can be—the end of singlehood, the end of childhood, the end of thinking as yourself as solo. In that context, the final episode of the first season of GIRLS is an appropriate ending, with one of the girls taking the plunge and the others having to see their own lives through the prism of her “adult” decision. In honour of (SPOILER ALERT) Jessa’s nuptials, we recap the season finale broken down by the classic wedding rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”
SOMETHING OLD: Marnie Marnie isn’t old, although she feels like she is, or at least much more mature than her friends. She has moved out of the apartment and into Shoshanna’s bachelorette paradise, with vague plans to find a new place. Shosh is not into that idea—with Jessa MIA, she’d like Marnie to stay permanently.  Meanwhile she has a mystery party to attend, so she pulls out her best “J.Lo at the Grammy’s” look and hits the party with her new roomie Shosh.