The number one lesson we took away from this episode? Being a grown-up is hard, but
pretending that you’re a grown-up can be both hilarious and heartwarming. Below, our recap by character.
HANNAH Rich, Hannah’s boss, looks like Santa, is fond of inappropriate touching, and is potentially the most understanding boss who has ever existed. After last week’s episode—in which Hannah decides to accept sexual harassment as an inevitable part of her work life—Hannah takes it one step further, after being encouraged by Jessa to get some life experience for her book of essays by sleeping with her boss. She marches into Rich’s office and initiates the following exchange by offering to have sex with him: Rich: “I’m a married man, Hannah.” Hannah: “I’ve got a boyfriend. You know what? Adults try things. That’s what I’ve learned.” Rich: “We work together. This is an inappropriate way to talk to your employer.” Hannah: “You don’t need to fight it, I’m not, like, trying to frame you. I am letting you know that it is OK for you to act on this fantasy because I am gross, and so are you." [she moves Rich’s hand to her breast.] There’s an awkward pause, then Rich bursts out laughing. Even after he turns her down and she threatens to “go all Erin Brokovitch” on his ass and sue him, Rich retains his sense of humour about the situation and actually wants Hannah to keep her job. Embarrassed, angry and likely a little sore from rejection, Hannah declines, quitting in a hail of ridiculous, childish threats. What she thought would be good fodder for her art blew up in her face.