George Clooney is getting married at Downton Abbey. Yup

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26th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Ball - Presented By Mercedes-Benz - ShowWhat a Mathew Crawley wannabe. (Image courtesy of Getty)

George Clooney is having a rather unexpected 2014, wouldn’t you say? The world’s most unrepentant bachelor first gets engaged, and now, apparently, he’s having that fairytale wedding at the Disneyland of historical television shows.
According to reports, George and his fiance are planning to hold their wedding at Highclere Castle, the iconic filming location for everyone’s favourite English soap. The story goes that George is BFF’s with Hugh Bonneville, lord of the manor in the show, and asked him to give Amal, his fiance and Downton superfan, a private tour. Once on the property where Lady Mary and Co cavort, Amal just knew that this was where the (next) wedding of the year had to be…and in case you think this whole thing is just a wild rumour (never!) the castle is actually a popular wedding venue and is licensed for civil ceremonies.
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