It’s the most wonderful time of year: HBO’s masterful
Game of Thrones has finally returned to our TVs.
Nerd alert: I experienced such intense withdrawal after season 1 ended that I read the entire “Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R.R. Martin on my iPad in one amazing five month period. I now consider myself ELLE Canada’s resident
GoT expert. And friends, let me tell you, some crazy stuff is about to go down in Westeros. In honour of season 2’s return, we’ve decided to recap episode one, “The North Remembers.” Let’s consult our (brand new!) apocalypse index.
Winter is coming 1) Is it just me, or did
Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) get extra dreamy over the break? Here’s a quick backgrounder: Jon Snow is the bastard son of recently beheaded hero Ned Stark (Sean Bean). Snow is a member of the Night’s Watch, who have the super un-fun job of guarding the realm against Wildlings and things that go bump in the night. Recently, the Night’s Watch discovered the White Walkers, mythical ghost zombie things that reanimate dead people into killing machines. The Night’s watch have ventured North to try and find information that could help stop an army of undead invaders from killing everyone.  Apocalypse potential: +1,000 2) The Night’s Watch decide to crash at their creepy acquaintance Craster’s house in the middle of the forest. Small detail: Craster (Robert Pugh) lives with a harem of daughter-wives. Yes, I said daughter-wives. Craster marries all his daughters. “What does he do with the sons?” Jon Snow wonders uneasily. We have a feeling that whatever it is, it’s not pleasant. +250 Read more…