What does the future hold for Princess Charlotte? We numerologize.

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The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Depart The Lindo Wing With Their DaughterThe soul of an artist. (Getty)

If name’s are destiny, Will and
Kate did a bang-up job when they named their first daughter Charlotte (because we all know this is a name choice based entirely on the numerology, and absolutely not based on things like keeping Granny happy and choosing something pretty but traditional). So what do the numbers say about the life of the littlest princess?
We’re no numerologists (we’ve only got one exam to go from The University of Online Research Based Occult Expertise, however), but here’s what the general consensus seems to be how the letters in Charlotte’s name will influence her destiny, personality and…soul urges (?). Charlotte has a "destiny" number of 3, which means she’ll be a real little ray of sunshine: optimistic, talkative, and maybe just the tiniest bit scattered, but in a creative sort of way. Clearly Mama Kate knew this when
she introduced her to the world in a sunny yellow frock. Her personality score adds up to a 9, which again means we’ve got a friendly, compassionate princess on our hands. She’s also going to outgoing, which is a major asset when your career path involves an awful lot of small talk and shaking strangers’ hands. And now for the "soul urge" digit: This is basically what’s going to fulfill her heart’s deepest desire. For little Princess Char, this means all things creative, and especially art. Not surprising, since both her parents did study art history…
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