If you’re someone who likes their food (and who doesn’t), you’re probably familiar with Pusateri’s Fine Foods as the super-chic gourmet grocer you pop by when you want the fancy cheese (or proscuitto, olive oil, honey, crackers, biscotti etc etc etc). And while they’ve long had a very delectable prepared foods section, this summer they’re doing something new: Pop ups with some of the GTA’s happeningest restaurants.

They’re describing these limited-time residencies as “in-store theatres of food for our guests”, and while we can’t speak to that since we got delivery, the ELLE Canada team can attest that when the platters of fresh seafood*, steaming bowls of rice and tangy seaweed salad arrived at our team brainstorming session last week, it was a little bit like being transported to the breezy beaches of Hawaii. (Our sweet escape was courtesy of North Poke, who can be found in the Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s at the Eaton Centre until June 30th).

Pusateri’s is rolling out the “Co/Lab” experience at various GTA locations throughout the month, but for now: You can get your hands on insanely-Instagrammable Hungarian baked goods from Eva’s Original Chimneys at the Eaton Centre location until August 31, and over at the Avenue Road Pusateri’s, there’s modern Indian food from Pukka’s, which we suggest chasing with a bite from Baker and Scone. But hurry – their pop-ups end on June 30. 

*For all our vegetarian friends out there, they also do a mean tofu alternative.