Think about the sweet summer moments that are forever seared into your memory: staying up until the early hours to watch the sunrise; a beach day turned late-night bonfire with friends; a cross-province road trip—windows down, music up—that serendipitously leads to a secret watering hole. The common thread? Unexpected adventure. It’s why this season we’re changing up our bar cart and sipping on The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve.

Whisky and summer? Why not?

If your associations with single malt evoke images of wintry nights spent in front of the fireplace, think again. “The Glenlivet single malts are smooth and light-bodied,” says Claire Freel, The Glenlivet’s portfolio consultant, resident mixologist and all-around whisky guru. Caribbean Reserve—a just-landed-in-Canada offering from The Glenlivet—is a bold new standout in the brand’s offerings. Think of it as a sophisticated swap in your regular rotation. Thanks to its rum-barrel finish, this versatile spirit is bursting with sun-filled tropical fruit flavours, lending itself perfectly to a bevy of classic whisky cocktails. “Simply put, Caribbean Reserve and summer are a match made in heaven,” adds Freel.

Ready for a fresh twist on a summer drink? The Glenlivet has got you (and all those plans lined up between now and Labour Day) covered. Try the boundary-pushing brand’s Mango Punch recipe, a tantalizing mix of whisky and tea. To create this easy-to-whip-up cocktail, The Glenlivet partnered with DAVIDsTEA, the Canadian authority on all things steeped. It starts with thirst-quenching Mango Fruit Punch iced tea: a punchy blend of whole fruit pieces—including mango, pineapple and citrus slices—that serves to highlight Caribbean Reserve’s rich palette. “This pairing results in a lively burst of flavour that’s reminiscent of a Caribbean punch but with more depth and complexity,” says Nadia De La Vega, the director of tea sustainability and content at DAVIDsTEA. That depth comes from a bounty of harmonious tasting notes: sweet orange and syrupy ripe bananas from the whisky mingle with freshly grated spicy ginger and tart lemon juice, and a couple of dashes of bitters round out this highly sippable libation. Consider it a super-satisfying accoutrement for every date on your June-through-September calendar: moonlit backyard barbecues, boozy alfresco brunches or even game night at the cottage.



RECIPE: Mango Punch

Tea concentrate
2 Perfect Spoons of DAVIDsTEA Mango Fruit Punch
½ cup hot water (95°C / 200°F)

1½ oz The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve
3 oz Mango Fruit Punch concentrate
½ tsp fresh lemon juice
Freshly grated ginger
2 dashes orange bitters

1. In a DAVIDsTEA steeper, steep the Mango Fruit Punch in hot water for 7 minutes.
2. Pour into a measuring cup and allow to cool to room temperature.
3. In an old fashioned glass filled with ice, add The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve, Mango Fruit Punch concentrate, lemon juice and freshly grated ginger, and stir with a mixing spoon.
4. Add orange bitters and garnish with a slice of lemon.

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