In the creation of PATRÓN EL CIELO—the world’s first prestige silver tequila distilled four times—heritage and innovation are upheld in equal measure. To celebrate its launch, PATRÓN has partnered with similarly ambitious trail blazers, like Dana Vicci, who take that same pedigree-meets-ingenuity attitude and run with it. Here’s her story.

There’s nothing coincidental about the success of Dana Vicci, a Syrian-Canadian techno artist whose sets take you through otherworldly soundscapes. Her boundary-pushing approach to the craft is threefold: paying homage to techno roots, advocating for inclusivity in a male-dominated field and shattering the societal expectations associated with being a Middle Eastern woman. So, what exactly did it take to get here? “Passion, dedication and business acumen,” she says. We spoke with Vicci before her electrifying set at PATRÓN’s EL CIELO launch party in Toronto, where she detailed how she balances tradition and innovation in her work, her hopes for the fan experience and why she feels so aligned with PATRÓN.

In what ways have you bridged tradition and innovation in your work? Why is it important to have both?


Vicci: “For Syrian families, one of our customs is pursuing a comprehensive education. In my case, I have successfully attained both my undergraduate and master’s degrees. The significance of my education is closely intertwined with my professional endeavours as an artist. My journalism degree provided me with valuable skills in effective communication, networking, public speaking and handling uncomfortable situations. On the other hand, my business degree imparted me with essential expertise in discipline, management, budgeting, marketing and negotiation. The skills acquired through my educational journey are pivotal in my everyday life as both an artist and a businesswoman.”


What kind of experience do you want your fans to have when they tune in to your music or a live set?


Vicci: “My goal is to transport my fans into a different world through my music—a world where they can momentarily escape the challenges of everyday life and be moved by the power of music. I want them to be able to relate to the music on a personal level and to find solace, inspiration or energy within the beats and melodies.”

How would you describe your connection to PATRÓN?


Vicci: “I would say it’s the way PATRÓN also bridges tradition and innovation. PATRÓN values authenticity and cultural appreciation; the way it preserves the traditional tequila production methods while also pushing boundaries and introducing new ideas really resonates with me.”

Watch Dana Vicci’s exclusive video of PATRÓN’s EL CIELO launch party in Toronto:


PATRÓN EL CIELO is the world’s first prestige silver tequila distilled four times, available globally and in markets across Canada in major retailers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick as well as private order in Quebec .