An indulgent spread on a table surrounded by friends; that first undeniably magical snowfall; the thrilling countdown to the fresh start that is January 1st…there’s a lot that’s worth toasting over the holiday season. This year, we’re making it even more meaningful with Mionetto, a sophisticated versatile Prosecco that will add a celebratory Italian spirit to any gathering.

Established back in 1887 by its namesake founder, Mionetto is based in Valdobbiadene, a postcard-worthy part of Italy and the heart of the top-quality DOCG Prosecco region. Sitting on the very best vineyards (a spot with soft and sinuous hills—so dreamy!), Mionetto has forged its reputation on unparalleled quality and a fine balance of tradition and innovation.

Light, crisp and packed with ultra-fine bubbles, Mionetto offers an experience that starts with its luminous, straw-yellow hue and the scent of Golden Delicious apple. From the very first sip, it’s well balanced on the palate with aromatic notes of honey, black licorice and acacia blossom. Drinking Mionetto is like partaking in the best expression of the Italian lifestyle, which is based on savouring every sweet moment.

Let’s talk about Mionetto’s inherent versatility. It can be poured as a New Year’s Eve aperitif into Instagram-worthy coupes, or it can be the sparkling star in a cocktail at your next wintry dinner party.

Try the Ventisette, a cocktail dreamed up by mixologist Reece Sims, who won the third annual Mionetto Cocktail Competition. “My cocktail, Ventisette, which means ‘twenty-seven’ in Italian, celebrates Mionetto’s precision and attention to detail,” says Sims. The measurement for each flavour-forward ingredient is exactly 27 millilitres—a nod to the angle at which the famed Mionetto label is placed on each bottle—and the result is “as if blueberry tea and a bellini collided—with an orange twist.”


27 mL “Peaches + Cream” liqueur*
27 mL amaretto
27 mL orange pekoe tea
3 x 27 mL Mionetto Prosecco
Orange peel

1. Pour liqueur, amaretto and tea into a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled.
2. Add Mionetto Prosecco to a rocks glass with fresh ice and top with shaken ingredients.
3. Express orange oils over the cocktail by twisting the orange peel. Enjoy!

*“Peaches + Cream” liqueur
2 cups ripe B.C. peaches
Peel of 1 whole lemon
1/3 cup melted Candy Corn
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 cup 100-proof neutral grain spirit