This prosecco-berry cocktail is your new summer drink

Jul 13 2017 by
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This is the second video in our series of impressive (but actually super simple) cocktail recipe videos. World, meet the Raspberry Kir Royale.

Why do we love the Kir Royale? Let us count the ways. It’s French. It’s so chic to drink. And it’s super easy to make – all you need is prosecco + crème de cassis.

But we’re always down to change it up a little. That’s why we had Marlene Thorne of Toronto bar Famous Last Words to dream up this twist on our go-to summer drink. Full (and very very easy) recipe below.

Step 1: Pour ¾ oz. of Chambord liqueur into a champagne flute. 

Step 2: Fill up a glass flute with prosecco. 

Step 3: Garnish with raspberry and fresh mint. 



Categories: Food & Drink