If you’ve ever been getting a pedicure and though, ‘This is amazing but gee, I sure would love a cold one’, crack open a tallboy of celebration, brew lover! There’s a Toronto spa that’s offering exactly that service. 

The Stillwater Spa, an oasis of soothing oatmeal-coloured marble and stress-drowning-out water features found underneath the Park Hyatt, is offering a beer-themed pedicure in partnership with Canadian hopfiends Muskoka Brewery

How does one incorporate beer into a pedicure, you might ask? Well, there’s the obvious way: When you sit down for your treatment, there’s a can (with glass of course) of ice-cold Muskoka Brewery Cool as Cuke, which as you might guess, is cucumber-infused. 

Cucumber actually continues to co-lead with beer in this pamper production: The foot bath has slices of the soothing veg floating in it, and the foot scrub is actually a mixture of the grains that go into your Muskoka Brewery beer and cucumber. 

As you continue to sip your pale ale (which with actual cucumber juice in it is basically a smoothie, right?), the treatment continues with a truly excellent foot massage and just the sort of no-nonsense cuticle work and buffing that your winter ravaged feet need. 

Available until August 31, $95.