When you’re looking for a new fave wine and don’t have sommelier-level knowledge, it might go something like this: You aimlessly gaze at shelves of bottles, casually reading through the specs, and then leave with one that has an “interesting” label. An easy solution? Get yourself a versatile go-to option you can always count on, like Fazi Battaglia Titulus Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi DOC. Don’t be fooled by its lengthy, tough-to-pronounce name; this affordable Italian white is the kind of easy-drinking, goes-with-everything wine you’ll be keeping chilled and ready for friend gatherings and solo nights alike.

Made by Fazi Battaglia, a fourth-generation-run winery that captures the essence of Italian life, Titulus is a result of care and consideration at every stage. It starts with Verdicchio grapes that are hand-picked from hillside vineyards in picturesque Marche, Italy.

From your very first sip, this wine delivers delicate, familiar notes of apple and pear, but it’s Titulus’ more distinctive elements—a touch of sweet-meets-spicy anise and deeply expressive broom flower—that make it memorable. With its low sugar content keeping it crisp, it has a rich, tangy mineral taste with a slightly almondy finish. Even better, Titulus is prized for having a consistent flavour profile year after year, so you know you’ll get the same experience every time you pick up its uniquely shaped amphora bottle (which, incidentally, makes it all the more beautiful to keep on display).


What also makes Titulus so special is it feels well suited to any environment, no matter the mood or the menu. Whether you’re going all out on a seafood spectacle for a few friends or whipping up a simple pasta dinner for one on a stay-in Saturday night, Titulus is the versatile answer. It’s even the ideal accompaniment for a selection of soft cheeses if you have last-minute company turn up. Cheers to that!