You nailed the festive red lip. (It only took 12 tutorials, but who’s counting?) The bubbly is on ice. The girls are on their way. All that’s left to do is cook up a restaurant-worthy feast and let the compliments roll in. But wait: Are you still cooking with mismatched hand-me-down cookware? Time for a chic upgrade with luxe Stainless Steel by Le Creuset.

It’s true: The iconic French brand doesn’t just do colourful cast iron. Its Stainless Steel collection is award-winning and adored by pro chefs and home cooks alike. And what’s not to love? It’s easy to care for (throw it in the dishwasher and save your mani), compatible with all cooktops (including induction), distributes heat like a boss (no hot spots = perfect results) and designed to last a lifetime. And did we mention that it looks drop-dead gorgeous? Whether you’re frying up latkes or simmering a butternut squash soup, Le Creuset Stainless Steel is your ultimate ally for a flawless holiday fete. Not sure where to start? Meet our top three picks.

The Fry Pan

This underrated essential can make the difference between spectacular eggs and a spectacularly failed omelette. Choose the larger size (30 cm) to make shakshuka, a bold brunch dish inspired by Moroccan flavours. Price: $190

The Risotto Pot

How beautiful is this pot with its curves and riveted ergonomic handles for a secure grip? Don’t let the name fool you: While it is designed for stirring up succulent risotto, it also excels at simmering sauces and soups. Looking for an impressive dish to add to your holiday repertoire? Try colourful beetroot risotto. Price: $270


The 10 Piece Set

Did you make the really, really nice list this year? Treat yourself to the Stainless Steel set to cook like a pro with the best cookware on the market. Heat-responsive, supremely versatile, ultra-durable…it’s your ultimate ally for successful dinner parties, as is this fabulous recipe for herbed stuffed pork roast—a show-stopping dish that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve. Price: $1,350 (Psst! Until December 24th, the set is on sale for $799 online and in stores. Consider dropping a hint for Santa….)

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