Whether you’re having a dry December (good on you) or you’ve had your seventh Friendsmas of the week and can’t stand the thought of another glass of rum and eggnog, but you don’t want to stick to boring old water, we’ve found your perfect (and very Canadian) beverage solution.

The non-alcoholic blueberry and cranberry cocktail “Six Inches of Snow” come c/o Greg Almeida, head bartender of Scarfes Bar at Rosewood London. And very appropriately, he was inspired by his time working in the True North. “I enjoyed using local ingredients, including blueberries, cranberries and maple syrup, whenever possible,” he says. “While the blueberry shrub requires some preparation, this key ingredient is what makes this virgin cocktail stand out.”

Full recipe below.



Courtesy of the Rosewood London


In a highball glass, mix together 30 ml blueberry shrub (see the how-to below), 20 mL cranberry juice, 15 mL lemon juice, 10 mL maple syrup, and a dash of soda water. Top with crushed ice and remaining soda water (about 10 mL total). Garnish with basil leaves (6-8 to taste), lemon zest, and some fresh blueberries.

To make the blueberry shrub (which will keep for up to three weeks in the fridge), combine in a mixing bowl, 1 kg sugar and 1 kg blueberries and leave for four hours. Add 100 mL rice vinegar and mix well. Strain.