The glorious summer months, with their perfect forecasts, lakeside getaways and backyard get-togethers, are a time to really live in the everyday—to soak up and celebrate all the sweet moments that the sunny season affords. That’s the beauty of bubbly too: There’s always a good reason to pop a chilled bottle come summer, whether it’s a wedding afterparty, weekend brunch with the girls or just the end of a busy workday. An exceptional champagne should spoil the senses—it should remind you that you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to indulge in its effervescence.

A new kind of rosé

That’s the spirit behind Taittinger Prestige Brut Rosé, a splurge-worthy champagne that’s sophisticated and vibrant in equal measure. Produced by a family-owned winery in the iconic Champagne region of France, this blended rosé sparkles from the first pour to the last drop and is a brilliantly captivating pink hue thanks to the addition of Pinot Noir, a varietal sourced from picturesque Montagne de Reims and Les Riceys. On the nose, it’s totally fresh and teeming with an abundance of sun-soaked red fruits. (Think freshly crushed strawberries, cherries and blackcurrants.)

Perfect on the palate

With Chardonnay being a core component of this sparkling wine—making up a hearty 30 percent of the blend—you can expect a sense of delicacy that the wine is known for. And the taste? Well, the experts give it a top-notch rating along with a mouthwatering review: lively, fruity, fresh and elegant. Need we say more?

Made for sharing

Now, to coincide with the rush of events filling up our calendars, Taittinger is launching its Prestige Brut Rosé, the ideal champagne for every moment, big or small: poured into coupes at an alfresco baby shower, shared between two on a meaningful anniversary or sipped as an early-evening aperitif when the sun is still gracing you with its warmth. When the rosé is this good, it’s always a good time to pop a cork.

Price: $86.15 per bottle