The best gifts for people you don’t really know that well

Dec 14 2016 by
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We all have those people on our list—your brother’s new girlfriend, that colleague who just started, a distant cousin visiting for the first time in years—who we don’t know well enough to give a super-personalised gift to but that we need to buy a present for just the same. Here’s the ultimate guide to crowd-pleasing, generic-but-in-a-good-way gifts for holiday 2016.

  • 2/8

    For the exchange student staying with your aunt

    Holiday local tumbler ($28.95) at
  • 3/8

    For your boss who's invited you for dinner

    Grey Goose martini gift pack ($59.95) at
  • 4/8

    For your brother's new girlfriend

    A Walk in Eden by Anders Nilsen ($19.75) at
  • 5/8

    For your neighbour

    Limited edition holiday mug and Tea Pigs tea ($19.95) at
  • 6/8

    For your sister's new boyfriend

    Jameson Crested whiskey ($45.95) at
  • 7/8

    For your teenage cousin who has everything already

    Literacy training for 2 women ($120) at 
Categories: Food & Drink