What should we keep in the fridge at all times?

“Follow the AHA rule: Always have alcohol. And some sparkling water — flavoured San Pellegrino goes a long way in hospitality, especially for sober guests. Keep a bag of pitas and some unopened dip, just in case someone pops in. We also always have trail mix or nuts out in a bowl. We eat them when we’re alone, and friends can have them if they stop by.”


Do you have a minimal-effort crowd-pleasing recipe?

“Make something homey and comforting, like a big bubbling pan of our Manipulation Mac and Cheese or our My Ex Is Engaged Enchiladas. Dishes like this don’t require much more than a salad or a cooked vegetable to serve alongside, and since they’re on the rich side, a store-bought lemon sorbet is the perfect dessert.”


As busy people who host other busy people, is there a major mistake we’re making?

“Stop trying to seem amazing by doing everything on your own! It’s charming if you fuck up a little in front of people. Also, don’t expect to have things done by the time people arrive. It’s not going to happen, and that’s okay.”



This article originally appeared in the December 2017 issue of ELLE Canada.