From Monday to Friday, we’re all about getting face time with our local barista. But come the weekend, there’s something to be said for brewing your own cuppa joe at home in your fave silk pyjamas with no plans ahead of you except bacon and eggs (preferably made by someone else) and the eight episodes of Insecure you PVRed. Here’s how to make your dream cup.

STEP 1. Start with coffee that’s in season. Beans from Brazil are harvested in November, while those from Colombia and Kenya peak in spring. All types of beans should be consumed within four weeks of roasting so they don’t get stale, says Julie Audet, manager and barista trainer
for Saint-Henri micro-roaster in Montreal. You should also grind beans right before you brew for optimal freshness.

STEP 2. If you’re still using the same coffee machine you’ve
 had since university (same), wet the grounds first and let them sit before you brew. This ensures the release of carbon dioxide (which is produced during the roasting of the beans), making the final product more flavourful.

STEP 3. Add milk—or don’t.
 Milk cuts acidity, which helps if you’re drinking stale office coffee. However, quality coffee won’t necessarily need it. 


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