Despite taking off more slowly in North America, plain yogurt has been a part of culinary traditions around the world for millennia. In India, it’s even considered “the food of the gods”! So it’s no surprise that it has become an essential food item in the kitchen and that many people around the globe eat it daily.

Whether made with milk from a cow, sheep, female buffalo, yak or camel, the fermented substance is used in many modern recipes, not only as a meal replacement but also as a star ingredient. Plain yogurt is suited to breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be used in everything from warm dishes to vinaigrettes to cakes. Rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, the surprisingly versatile ingredient adds a smooth touch to a variety of dishes. But it’s important to know which kind to choose! Here’s how to use the different varieties available on the market, complete with mouth-watering recipes created by celebrity chef Josée di Stasio.

Liberté Classique Plain

The blender-queen

Liberté Classique plain yogurt is a basic yogurt with a natural taste and soft texture. No sugar, artificial aromas or colours are added. It contains probiotics but no preservatives or gelatin. Thanks to its fresh taste and hint of sweetness (due to the natural sugar in milk), it can be used in a multitude of ways.

Use it in… Marinades and sauces. In this Indian-style chicken drumstick recipe, yogurt is used in both elements of the dish: The chicken is marinated in a well-seasoned yogurt to make it tender and flavourful, and then it’s served with a creamy sauce. Simply scrumptious.


Liberté Méditerranée Plain

The dessert master

Liberté Méditerranée plain yogurt is the most indulgent yogurt out there, which makes it perfect for enhancing desserts. Made from milk and a hint of cream, which gives it its colour, it stands out thanks to its rich, super-velvety texture.

Use it inPanna cotta, a simple dessert that’s light on the palate.


Liberté Greek Plain

The mayo-replacer

Liberté Greek plain yogurt contains three times more milk than traditional yogurt. This explains its creamy texture and protein content, which is twice as high as standard yogurt. Its thick consistency makes it a choice binding agent for different recipes – similar to mayonnaise and sour cream but minus the fat.

Use it in… A creamy tzatziki, which you can serve on endive leaves or with toasted pita. It’s also a delicious way to top off a sandwich!


Liberté Greek Organic Plain

The breakfast guru

Made from just two ingredients – local organic milk (without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers) and bacterial cultures – Liberté Greek Organic plain yogurt is your best breakfast ally. Add it to a smoothie, combine it with granola or top it with fresh fruit.

Use it in… Turkish-style eggs, a simply delightful combination of eggs and flavoured yogurt. It’s a winning dish for brunch, lunch or a quick dinner.


Liberté Kefir Plain

The pancake-riser

What if we told you those Sunday pancakes could be turned into a balanced breakfast you can eat every day? The secret: liquid non-effervescent Liberté Kefir plain, with its 10 strains of active cultures and two billion probiotics per serving.

Use it in… A hearty Bircher muesli, a wonderful mix of cereal, fruit and kefir that you let stand for a few hours or overnight. It’s delicious, is prepared in advance and gives you the freedom to experiment with different toppings!


Liberté Dairy-Free Plain

The vegan BFF

This is for those on the hunt for a tasty alternative to cow’s-milk yogurt! Made from coconut milk, Liberté Dairy-Free plain yogurt has a creamy texture and delicate flavour. It’s a must-try for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Use it in… A delicious porridge as garnish. The yogurt will enhance its texture and create a pleasant hot/cold contrast.