Get ready for Starbucks to become a twice-daily habit (okay fine, thrice daily if you count our occasional 3pm frappucino runs): In select Toronto stores, they’re rolling out “Evenings” aka a wine, craft beer, and sharing plates filled incentive for all of us to hang out there even more than we already do. 

The iniative has been a hit in the US & UK for a few years now, but the locations at 3079 Bloor St. W., 446 Spadina Rd. and 1740 Avenue Rd in Toronto are the first (of many) to offer the concept in Canada.

Starting at 2pm, you can order from an expanded menu that includes local wines, beer and extra-fancy coffee from the limited-batch Reserve collection…and also a sharing menu with meatballs, flatbread and oh yeah, mac & cheese. 

And don’t worry: You can still order your half-sweet, extra drizzle, light ice, no whip birthday cake frappucino off the secret menu if you want. 


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