New connections, reliable work pals, the sibling-like relationships you’ve had forever: Friends offer stability and joy, no matter what stage of life you’re at. With National Friendship Day coming up (July 30—mark your calendar!), remember that there are ways to spend quality time and connect. Kim Crawford wines pair well with such occasions. From a classic Sauvignon Blanc to a luscious Rosé, why not celebrate opportunities to nurture and preserve your togetherness?

“The truth about adult relationships is you really have to put in the effort to see each other in real life, to truly connect one on one.” says relationship expert Jen Kirsch.” Sure, a phone call here and there is all well and good, but it’s the tactile time together that allows you to share moments, deepen your bond and connection and which allows you to make memorable moments.”

Here, we’ve detailed our favourite Kim Crawford wines that you can share with friends old and new.

The Catch-Up Wine: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc


When you’re reuniting with that OG bestie—the confidante who’s been there since day one—toast to the occasion with an ice-cold Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh, juicy and ripe with tropical fruit flavours, this wine—expertly crafted in New Zealand—is great for a catch-up. Even as your friendship evolves and life gets in the way of weekly get-togethers, it’s a sweet (but actually vibrantly acidic) reminder of old times.

Price: $22.95


The Savour-the-Small-Moments Option: Kim Crawford Illuminate Sauvignon Blanc


Sometimes you don’t get a whole night of hanging out. (Life, right?) For all those small-but-important rendezvous—think a long-distance FaceTime or a quick cinq-à-sept at their place—consider catching up over a glass of Kim Crawford Illuminate Sauvignon Blanc. Lifted aromatics of passion fruit and guava—with only 7 per cent ABV and 90 calories per 188 millilitres—why not make it a full-flavoured choice when you really want to appreciate the QT?

Price: $21.95


The Pour-With-a-New-Pal Pick: Kim Crawford Rosé


Budding friendships, especially when you’re an adult, are just as vital as established ones. Consider getting to know your new pal over shared interests, like the latest binge-worthy TV show or your favourite crowd pleaser Kim Crawford Rosé. In addition to its pretty pale-pink colour, this refreshing but soft rosé offers hints of watermelon and strawberry. This rosé pairs well with moments that allow new connections to blossom.

Price: $21.95


The Friends-Celebrate-Friends Wine: Kim Crawford Prosecco


Whether it’s a long-overdue promotion, a new puppy or a friendiversary milestone (we gotta mark those!), a bottle of bubbles can help celebrate each other’s wins, big or small. With crisp, vibrant notes of pear, citrus and tropical fruit as well as a bounty of lively carbonation on the palate, Kim Crawford Prosecco is just the ticket. Cheers to that!

Price: $23.99