As an Italian entrepreneur, how would you describe your relationship with coffee?

“I absolutely love coffee – it’s a whole ritual in the morning and such a pleasure to have it after lunch. My most indulgent coffee break is when I drink iced coffee in the summer, I love the taste and the feeling of enjoying something as cold and strong. I’m very into coffees to go, that’s a habit I developed when I was living in L.A. in my twenties and that I have kept to this day, in Italy, with my travel mug or at my favorite Italian coffee shop.”

Chiara Ferragni x Nespresso

What’s your Nespresso coffee routine/ritual?

“I always have an espresso in the morning –it’s a must that goes along with the rest of my breakfast. In the winter, I’ll do an Americano, to make the moment last and to warm me up. I often drink coffee after lunch too. Sometimes, if I want to treat myself, I’ll go for an iced coffee, which is my absolute-favourite drink in the summer time. I usually don’t add sugar because I really like to taste the coffee blend, although we created a special signature recipe with Nespresso that’s very sweet and summery and delicious. A good coffee is an experience.

From ideation to creation, how did the collaboration with Nespresso come into being?

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Nespresso, it’s such an iconic brand and I obviously love coffee too. The idea was to start our collaboration strong, so we picked Nespresso’s best-selling items and I added my personal touch to each and every element, to reimagine a range that was more colourful, girly and pop, just like the Chiara Ferragni brand.”

Chiara Ferragni x Nespresso

Why was it important for you to collaborate with a brand that promotes sustainability?

“When I met the Nespresso team, I was interested in learning more about their commitment to recycling and sustainability in general. I was so impressed by their work because they’re industry pioneers. That’s when we decided to join forces and began working on several things, from the Made with Care campaign to this limited edition collection we have developed together.”

What’s your favourite Nespresso x Chiara Ferragni accessory and why?

“It’s very hard to pick one. I’m going to go for three. Here’s why: The Vertuo Next machine – which I started using earlier this year and I can’t remember ever having such good coffee at home– this machine has a super smart technology and creates various types of coffees, from espressos to longer coffees and the quality is star high. For me, there’s no going back. Another favourite accessory of mine is the travel mug. It’s ideal to have your coffee on the go, especially when you’re in a rush and I love the shape and new design ­–it’s pink with my eye logo on the side. And last but not least, the Aeroccino milk frother was love at first too. It’s the easiest way to make a hot or cold milk froth and can elevate an espresso into something even more indulgent like a cappuccino.

Chiara Ferragni x Nespresso

What is the relationship between coffee and fashion? How did you make sure that relationship was being felt in the new range?

“When Nespresso gave me the freedom to style their most loved items I was thrilled. Nespresso is known for its elegance and clean design and my Chiara Ferragni brand is known for its pop, girly and colourful aesthetic. We wanted to add a colourful and pop twist using more pink and we created a new pattern –a mix of Nespresso’s monogram and my eye logo. The final result is this bright, vibrant and pop limited edition collection to enjoy your coffee in style.”

What’s in the books for Chiara Ferragni in the near future?

I’m more than ever committed to making a positive change in the world, starting with my collaboration with Nespresso and the simple act of enjoying a cup of coffee to actively contributing to female empowerment and giving back to my community. I began last year by using my voice on Instagram to explain my point of view on social issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter and sexism. I’ve also began searching more Instagram accounts that talk to these pressing issues and are a part of the conversation, like @spaghettipolitics, @will_ita and other Italian influencers who talk about these issues daily and I often share their profiles on my Instagram so that my followers can follow them in turn and more of us can be made aware of what’s really going on. I’m also about to announce a project in regards to female empowerment but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait on the details a bit…

The Chiara Ferragni x Nespresso collection drops online and in selected Nespresso stores on May 28, 2021.

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