Planta in Toronto


Planta, Toronto

Come for the highly Instagrammable setting (think white-brick walls and vintage-looking tables) and stay for the enticing no-animal-products menu. Our faves are the coconut ceviche, kimchi dumplings and the Beauty and the Beet cocktail, made of—you guessed it—beets.



Virtuous Pie in Vancouver 


Virtuous Pie, Vancouver

Fast food doesn’t have to come with a side of clogged arteries. This joint makes pizza with nut-based cheeses and fresh veggies on homemade dough. Save room for the vegan ice cream—it comes in perfectly matched flavours like coffee and doughnuts or turmeric and black pepper. 



Leaves Cafe in Montreal 


Leaves Cafe, Montreal

Warning: You may find it difficult to ever leave this vegan espresso bar in downtown Montreal. It sells not only delicious cupcakes, pastries and all the matcha lattes you can drink but also plants and vegan beauty products.