#flowermonday: Sweet Woodruff

May 26 2014 by
Categories : Culture

sweet wood flowerA gorgeous spring bouquet from Sweet Woodruff. (Image courtesy of instagram.com/ellecanada)

If we’re playing a word-association game with this week’s #flowermonday bouquet from Sweet Woodruff, the first thing that comes to mind has to be "summer". (Because we all spend our warmer months in rambly English gardens wearing white lace and sipping lemonade, right?)

And then maybe "romantic", "woodsy", and "sweetest thing ever"? This artfully undone arrangement from Lisa Collins’ Toronto floral studio is chock full of pink peonies,  cream roses and trailing green shoots – and we love the low, long profile of this bunch. Perfect garden party center-piece? We think so.

Also: this thing smells AMAZING. Seriously, everyone who walks by it in ELLE Canada HQ doubles back just to take another sniff.

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Categories: Culture