#flowermonday: Sweet Gale Gardens

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sweet gale gardens

Things got green with Sweet Gale Gardens. 

#flowermonday greetings to you all, courtesy of
Sweet Gale Gardens! The name behind this hipster-chic bouquet (#masonjarlove) is Jessica Gale, who moved from upstate New York to Toronto last year, and shortly began her new life as a full-time flower farmer. She grows her gorgeous blooms
right in Toronto, on a plot at Fresh City. When not digging/weeding/hoeing etc, she also creates floral masterpieces for events.
This bouquet came to us fresh off Jessica’s stall at the
Toronto Flower Market, which if you haven’t been yet (why not?), is next happening Saturday, September 13.
What was the inspiration behind this bouquet? Usually one flower or another sets the tone for my bouquets. In this case the cerinthe took the lead.
What is the flower every gardener should grow? The beekeeper in me has to say something native and bee friendly like Monarda, or bee balm.
Tell us a bit more about Sweet Gale Gardens! I established Sweet Gale Gardens last year believing that flowers should be the next wave of the local movement. My passion for flowers originates from my mother, a great gardener.
What is the most meaningful bouquet of flowers you’ve ever received? Wildflowers, picked off the road side, from my husband, who is an ecologist and therefore, taught me the names of every one of them.
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