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#flower-monday-periwinkle-flowers-2014Happy last #flowermonday of summer, folks! We’re putting down our #sadtrombones and instead embracing everything this fall has to offer: changing leaves, a certain pumpkin flavoured drink, and the promise of Thanksgiving turkey in the near future. Speaking of: how perfect would this
arrangement from Periwinkle Flowers be on your dinner table? Owner Jessica McEwen actually calls it the "perfect hostess" gift: "What could be better than colourful blooms set in a mason jar and wrapped in a gorgeous tea towel (the tea towel is designed and made locally by Avril Loreti)? You know you’re getting invited back if you show up with this one." We chatted with Jess about her history with flowers, her favourite things about fall, and the bouquet that made her cry.

Tell us a bit more about Periwinkle Flowers! I started in the world of flowers at the tender age of 19 and have been obsessed with them ever since. Flowers make me happy, plain and simple, and I love sharing that joy with my customers. Periwinkle makes happy, colourful, whimsical designs that aren’t too serious. We do smaller events and weddings, but the main focus is the day to day in the shop. Helping pick out the perfect bouquet for a special birthday or anniversary, hearing the story of peoples lives that naturally comes out as we talk. I love that part of my work.
What is one flower every home gardener should have in their garden? If you have the right conditions, an old fashioned garden rose is just perfection on a stem. Snip off a single bloom and pop it in a bud vase and that is the good life, right there. My garden is tiny and full shade so I have to live vicariously through my neighbours, who have gorgeous rambling climbing roses along our fence that I pretend belong to me.
What’s your favourite thing about fall in Canada? The cool sunny days where you get the most perfect blue sky set against the turning leaves. That crispness of colour and scent. I grew up in England where fall tends to be dark and rather soggy and depressing but here in Canada you get outside on a fall day and you feel alive.
What was the most meaningful bouquet of flowers you’ve ever received? My 8 year old son often comes to work with me, especially on weekends. This year on Mothers’ Day he rather sneakily worked on a project in the corner that turned out to be a very special arrangement for me. He’d spent the day asking me about my favourite colours and then picked out flowers to match and even cut them down into a vase. I was so busy that day that I honestly didn’t clue in what he was working on. There were some happy tears.
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