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patchouli flower mondayPeonies, sweet peas and lilac loveliness from Patchouli Designs. (Image courtesy of instagram.com/ellecanada)

If you are tired of flowers, you are tired of life (said somebody, maybe us?), which is why we’re even happier to bring you yet another installment of #flowermonday, this time from
Patchouli Design! We grabbed Alex Cole, one half of the flower-loving duo behind
Patchouli to give us the low-down on the bouquet (which smells like someone bottled joy), how the business got started, and some insider florist tips:

What was the inspiration for this arrangement? Nature.  Mimicking the subtle patterns and forms of a garden is my biggest inspiration.   The beauty of nature is never trumped by what is altered by us!
Do you have any tips for at-home flower care (how to make it last longer etc)? When you get a floral arrangement, keep it out of direct sunlight and try and avoid a lot of heat.  Change the water every day or two.  And remember that part of what makes it so beautiful is knowing that it’s beauty is fleeting – it doesn’t last forever!
What’s your favourite flower? This is a constantly changing answer but I always come back to the poppy.
What floristry trend are you loving right now? I am loving the gorgeous, loose and full arrangements that look like dutch paintings.
Tell us a little bit about your background – education, how you got into flowers, etc? I was always in love with all things pretty.  I was introduced to floral design in my early twenties and immediately loved how the hours would pass me by, and how my attention never waned.  The beauty and scent of the flowers, and working with my hands turned into somewhat of a meditation.  A few years later, I reconnected with my university room mate, Laura Davis, who also used to work in a flower shop.  Our paths crossed at just the right time and Patchouli Design was born.
What do you love about summer in Canada? Lakes, hot cars with the windows down, trees full of green leaves, rooftop parties, the sound of cicadas, canoe trips, gardens.
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