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blushandbloomSo much prettiness, courtesy of Blush and Bloom.

This week’s soft-and-spiky installment of
#flowermonday is courtesy of
Blush and Bloom, a Toronto-based florist, helmed by Becky de Oliveira. Fresh off the Mother’s Day rush, we grabbed Becky for a quick Q and A on all things floral.

Q: What was the inspiration behind this arrangement?  A: I love texture, foliages and bold colour, so for me the contrast between the rich eggplant colour of the scabiosa to the pop of pink in the hydrangea have a girly appeal, but the textures and interest of the asclepias ( the big fuzzy green balls!) create a bit of edge.
Q: Do you have any tips for at-home flower care (how to make it last longer etc)? A: Clean your vase! I would say every 2-3 days give it a good wash ( move the florals to another holding vessel while you do this). This will help to kill bacteria and keep the freshness. Keep the water levels as full as possible, don’t let the water go below half! Those flowers are thirsty, and overnight they can drink up that last few inches of water so fast!
Q: What’s your favourite flower?  A: A fave of mine would be garden roses, they mean a lot to me as my mom’s name is Rose and we always gave her rosebushes and she would cut the roses and always have them in our house. I also love peonies, frittilaria, spirea… so so so many more!
What floristry trend are you loving right now? A:  Ribbon ribbon ribbon! I love using tons of ribbon with different textures, widths, colours. For me ribbon was always trending, so I am glad people are really loving it more now!
Q: How you got into flowers? A: I grew up gardening with my mom, she had so many gardens we were always surrounded by flowers. My first job was watering geraniums in a greenhouse and then after graduating high school I was a delivery driver and shop helper, turned designer.
Q: What do you love about spring in Canada? A: Watching blooms pop up through the dirt! All of the spring bulbs like hyacinth, crocus, muscari, tulips, and then the incredible flowering branches. The huge magnolia trees we have here blow my mind. I can never just walk passed them without stopping to appreciate their beauty. We deserve it after the terrible winters we have!
Q: Tell me a bit about Blush and Bloom
Blush and Bloom is me, in a nutshell. I was on my own for the first year with friends helping me along the way, and made it work in my garage. Now i have a small little By Appointment "dollhouse" in the west end with some amazing designers working for me. B&B is a mix of organic with a bit of edge, and i feel like my studio really reflects me as a person and a designer. Vintage meets girly meets quirky and a bit wild. I like to have fun with the amazing medium we are so fortunate to work with, and have fun doing it and create things in an environment that is inviting and like a little house! My little flower house!
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