If you haven’t seen it: This film recounts the true story of Philomena Lee, an Irish woman who was banished to a convent after she got pregnant as a teen. The nuns delivered her baby and forced her to give up her parental rights. They did allow her to see her son for one hour a week, but at the age of 3 he was adopted by a wealthy American couple. At the time, Lee believed she’d never see him again. Years later she connected up with the journalist, Martin Sixsmith, and the pair began their search for her lost son. Sixsmith wrote a book about their adventure and Steve Coogan turned into this screenplay.
Five reasons why it should win
1. Because … I can’t resist an underdog.
2. Because … it stars Dame Judi Dench—enough said— and Steve Coogan, who brings his daft comedic touch layered with an unexpected poignancy.
3. Because… it’s rare to see a film where you feel genuinely moved by the story and unabashedly embrace your tears.
4. Because… I can’t think of a more inventive “buddy movie” pairing.
5. Because… who doesn’t feel inspired by a tale of redemption and second chances.
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