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Welcome to ELLECanada.com’s official TIFF journal! This festival, Laura deCarufel and Jennifer Lee, the co-editors of
Hardly magazine
, have the high honour of reporting live from TIFF’S coolest events. Stay tuned for party coverage and behind-the-scenes scoop!
By Jennifer Lee Last night Laura and I checked out the pre-festival scene, today, the 35th Toronto International Film Festival officially begins. Day one of the festival is always a bit of a flip-flop of affairs. Industry and talent are just starting to trickle in, while festival scenesters tend to stick to spritzer, reluctant to expel their energy before the weekend party rush. This year, I ease into the whirl of screenings, interviews, cocktail parties and post-gala soirees, by way of a visit to
Aveda’s newly opened Experience Centre (155 Cumberland Avenue), located in Yorkville — a polestar for celebrities during the festival. Having rushed over from the city’s West side (new home to the TIFF Bell Lightbox a.k.a. festival headquarters), where I was picking up my festival press badge, I could almost smell my soaring stress levels as I raced to make my appointment at Aveda. After a few years of covering the festival, I’ve become accustomed to the pulsating tension in my shoulders that takes root during the 10-day haul, thus my surprise when on day one of the festival — with TIFF madness staring me in the face — that my stress should fade away as I entered this aromatic space.  Designed with the five senses in mind, the new space conjures tranquility with its use of reclaimed wood, and the subtle fragrance of chankra-based aromas (targeting the seven energy centers of the body) in the air.

I take home a TIFF Survival Kit ($39 CAD) and crack the seal on the Blue Oil bottle in the cab — instant relief. My temples will smell of peppermint and blue camomile until Sept 20
th.  If I could figure out a way to clip it to me festival badge, I would. Luckily, it’s slim enough to fit into the little black purse I’ve chosen for the evening. A small vile of Ayurvedic wonder in my bag, I’m ready for the crowd that awaits at the Toro After Dark Lounge. Laura can’t make it this evening, she’s saving her beans for the weekend, Saturday’s
Vanity Fair party being top of the list. Parties outside of festival central, often prove to be the best of the lot. Such was the case for Toro’s After Dark Lounge, held at Pears on The Avenue. Guests mingle about walls adorned with stunning (and a few quirky) images from
The New York Times Canadian Photo Archive. Exhibit curator and up-and-coming Canadian photographer
Caitlin Cronenberg is seen chatting with friends and family including father
David Cronenberg, one time
Toro Magazine cover subject.

I grab a little take away of sweeties as a souviner (not to mention sustaninace), and hop into a cab headed westward to the
Fubar II after party at Wrongbar. I live on the West side, and already know that my evening’s cocktail attire is sure to make me stick out like a neon sign at the party. Turns out, I could not have even imagined how much so until arriving.
Long-haired (Heidi of the hills long) lanky gentleman abound, there is no question that everyone there is committed to celebrating the headbanger relics of
Fubar. There are a handful of suits amongst the revelers, but this is not your average TIFF party, there are no badges hung conspicuously around the neck of guests here: this is the Midnight Madness crowd, and they are here to sing Rock Star karaoke, MCed by Dean (
Paul Spence) and Terry (
Dave Lawrence) themselves. At quarter to 4, when I call it a night, “turn up the good, turn down the suck,” is still in full effect.
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