Whether you swear by your daily horoscope or you’re firmly on Team Skeptic, our chat with the hugely popular sister astrologers the AstroTwins (aka Ophira and Tali Edut) might shed some light on destiny, the meaning of life and other minor questions about the universe.

Q: How does the whole “free will” thing work when it comes to the stars? i.e.: If my horoscope says I’m going to be a dentist, but my dream is to be a circus performer, am I locked into a destiny I didn’t choose or want?

A: We always have free will. It’s important to remember that astrology is an interpretive science, not an exact one. It’s not so much that you should be a dentist or a circus performer—that choice is yours. But your sign (and your whole chart…a map of all the planets at your time of birth) can dictate what kind of a dentist or circus performer you’ll be. For example, a beauty-oriented Libra might focus on cosmetic dentistry while a by-the-books Capricorn dentist would be the one you go to for a root canal. Funny enough we know a number of circus performers who are Virgos…a sign often misjudged as being uptight or rigid. But that Virgo precision and willingness to practice ’til it’s perfect comes in handy for making those acrobatic tricks look seamless or like no big deal…and we all know they’re super hard to pull off in reality!

Q: On the flip side…if my horoscope predicted that I’ll be a small-business owner, but I’m stuck working a corporate job with no sign anything’s about to change soon, have I missed my opportunity? Can you be “too late” for destiny?!

A: Absolutely not! The whole idea that we are “stuck” anywhere doesn’t resonate for us as astrologers. While astrology CAN reveal opportunity periods that make for easier transitions, sometimes the opportunity comes from digging into the learning process and taking the RIGHT actions to manifest our dreams. For example, you might work with a career coach or take classes in entrepreneurship or online marketing to transition out of that corporate gig. It’s our belief that we are always co-creating with the universe. If you are someone who is waiting for the stars to align to make a move, you’ve missed the whole point of astrology. For example, Saturn, the tough teacher planet can make it FEEL harder to get the ball rolling. But it’s kind of like getting started with a fitness regime. No one wants to wake up and to burpees at 6AM, but after a month the results (stronger muscles, leaner abs) make it all seem worthwhile. Similarly Saturn will restrict certain activities and force us to push in a different direction. If we are willing to do the work, we get the payoff. Jupiter, which is the planet associated with luck, CAN make things come easily but we can also overshoot the mark or miss out on the joy of results that come from putting in a dedicated effort.

Q: If someone is mapping out their plans for their “dream 2016”, what role can consulting the stars play in that planning? (Particularly if you have no idea what your “big dream” should even be!)

A: It’s a great idea to run a whole birth chart, which you can do for free on our website. If you book a reading with a professional astrologer they can also interpret this for you. Most people know their Sun sign, which is what you read in newspapers and magazines. But the chart is a map of ALL the planets, plus the moon and Sun at your exact minute of birth. This is super specific, so much so that we as twins (born 4 minutes apart) have slightly different charts. Your moon sign directs your emotional desires. Saturn shows what you’ll work hard for, Mars governs your drive, Jupiter shows where things will come easily and naturally for you. The North Node of the moon is your destiny point, revealing what might light you up in this lifetime. Seeing the full cosmic picture is SO illuminating.

Q: How can astrology play a role in living your “best life”?

A: None of us humans are perfect; in fact we think we are all here on Earth to evolve and learn. Understanding the full birth chart and even just your Sun sign can help you gain awareness of your best qualities and the ones you need to work on to become a better, fuller being. All change starts with awareness. We have to notice what’s working and what might be tripping us up. Astrology can provide the short code to that

Q: Do certain signs tend to have dreams in common? If so, what are they for each sign?

A: Absolutely!

Aries: Individual greatness and achievement

Taurus: Secure home and finances

Gemini: Adventure and an exciting social network

Cancer: A beautiful home, trusted friends

Leo: Leadership and public accomplishment

Virgo: Sacred connections, the best of everything

Libra: Beauty, harmony and loving relationships

Scorpio: Intense connections and loyal love, money

Sagittarius: Travel, adventure, to always be learning

Capricorn: High achievements and financial success

Aquarius: Otherworldly experiences, world peace

Pisces: Poetry, romance, spiritual connections


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