Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.04.16 AM You’re following ELLE Canada (of course) and Kensington Palace (where the official announcement of the royal baby’s birth will be made first, a landmark in its self) but there’s another Twitter account you should probably be following for up-to-the-minute news on the baby, because it’s run by a major Insider. As the
#greatkatewait continues, your essential source is going to be @LindoWingOCone, already gaining a rabid following of royal reporters relying on its unique position in this on-going drama. As one of the traffic pylons currently demarcating the area where
Kate and Will will step out at the hospital with the newest royal, Lindo WIng Orange Cone has unprecedented access—a 24 hour front seat on all the action. If anyone’s going to glimpse an in-labour Kate (finally) sneaking into the Lindo Wing at 2am, it’s this guy. PS. YES, we’ve all lost our minds. The suspense has literally killed all our brain cells.
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