The mystery of Mustique

Undoubtedly one of the most exclusive (and expensive) islands in the world,
Mustique is
the preeminent sanctuary for the well-traveled. This tiny retreat – situated in the fantastical Grenadine Islands of St. Vincent in the Caribbean – is only three miles long and yet hosts a boon of rock stars, celebrities, fashion designers, and even members of the royal family (William and Kate have vacationed here pre-wedding.) The caché lies in its extremist approach to privacy. Mustique island owns its air rights so no one can just arrive looking for a good time, or a tabloid photo opp. For discerning travelers looking for absolute seclusion (and much-needed time away from the paps), each of the 72 luxury residences available for rental (via
The Mustique Company) are so discreet, so clandestine that each villa feels like an island onto itself.