Emilie De Ravin has achieved a kind of fame of late and it has nothing to do with her successful run on Lost. It’s all about a certain steamy scene in Remember Me; a romantic drama in which she showers, er, stars with Robert Pattinson. Yes, that Robert Pattinson: Kristen Stewart’s squeeze, Reese Witherspoon’s flirty boy, and for a time, De Ravin’s rumoured lover.

De Ravin readily admits they go to know each other “inside and out” preparing for the film. “We really got to know each other as people,” she says. “We spoke about relationships, love, everything and I think that helped us in developing our characters.”

Remember Me is set in Manhattan in the summer of 2001. De Ravin’s Ally meets the sombre and sensitive Tyler (Pattinson). Both have had their share of recent tragedies and their journey to love is difficult. Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper star as their fathers. The subject matter was tough but De Ravin says working with that cast on that film was a career highlight. “It was so beautiful. I’d get back home and be emotionally drained; you do feel like these things actually happened to you.”

De Ravin lives alone in Los Angeles, after filing for divorce from husband, musician Josh Janowicz. She looks forward to getting home to Australia often. “My whole family’s in Melbourne and I miss them greatly”. Shooting Lost over the last six seasons has kept her tied to Hawaii and LA, but now that the book has closed on the series, she’s free to move about which means work on many new films. De Ravin’s next project is of lighter fare: She will voice the part of Eglantine, the owl in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole from the producers of Happy Feet. From that, she moves back into the world of intrigue in the espionage thriller Chameleon out later this year.

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