Kim Kardashian has always had one of the top celebrity Instagram accounts, but as of this weekend, her Insta-fame-status reached an all time high with 42.1 million followers (the only accounts more popular than Kim’s is Beyonce’s with 42.7 and Instagram’s own account with 90 million followers). Fun fact: Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are also in the top ten most popular Instagram accounts of all time. Kim celebrated by posting an underwhelming selfie that cut out half her face, soooo look at Kim’s best pregnancy looks instead!

Girl Boss
As Donald Trump is occupied…you know…trying to win the GOP nomination for presidency…the TV execs behind The Celebrity Apprentice have set their sights on a new host to reboot the NBC series. It has been reported that Amal Clooney, (as in the 37-year-old human rights lawyer who is married to George Clooney), has made the shortlist of possible candidates to replace Trump, along with actress and Honest Company founder Jessica Alba and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg.

Rumours starting…
While performing in Pennsylvania this past Saturday, Nicki Minaj told a packed arena of fans “make some noise for my baby father!” when her boyfriend, rapper Meek Mills joined her on stage. Mills pumped his fists and smiled as the audience cheered. In less than 12 hours, a fan video was posted, went viral and Minaj retweeted the video…but fans are still confused as Minaj used a bunch of laughing face emojis when reposting. Could this be another one of the rapper’s well-known practical jokes? We think so.

Role Models
Another day, another celebrity feud. This time, Miley Cyrus is calling out Taylor Swift and her epic “Bad Blood” video, saying: “I don’t get the violence-revenge thing. That’s supposed to be a good example? And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my titties out? I’m not sure how titties are worse than guns.” During the Minaj/Swift feud of just a few weeks ago, Katy Perry also commented on Swift’s use of violence in her “Bad Blood” video.

Tan Lines & Green Juice
Want to know what summer in L.A looks like according to Bella Hadid? Apparently it involves beaches, tans, kale and selfies, the 19-year-old explains in her cheeky new video she co-directed for i-D. Watch Hadid lounge, twirl and snap her way through the City of Angels here.

Cashing In
Hey Gemini girls! Today is the day to dream up some moneymaking schemes (if they involve real estate even better). Not a Gemini? Read your Horoscope now!

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