Brad Pitt got an utterly aww-worthy tatt

Hollywood’s consummate family man just got some fresh ink honouring his beloved wife Angelina and their brood. The father of six revealed a design on his forearm which features a chart with the letter “A” in one column and the initials of their children. It’s way cooler than we’re making it sound…and certainly up there with these other celebrity tattoos.

There’s a lip liner shortage, and it’s all Kylie’s fault

Specifically scarce is the classic M.A.C lip liner in “Spice,” which is now harder to find than an ice cream store without a line up on National Ice Cream Day (which was yesterday, BTW). The famously pouty Jenner has said said that the nude liner was her fave, triggering a near instant sell-out (and that’s even after KJ finally admitted to using fillers to enhance her natural lips).

North West had a better Sunday brunch than you

Speaking of Kardashians…Nori had her first chocolate chip pancake this week, and of course, Mama Kim was right there to document every moment of this momentous event. See all the adorable pics here.

Amy Schumer killed it at the box office

This year’s breakout funny lady wrote and starred in a movie, Trainwreck, which premiered this weekend. (But you saw it, right?) The R-rated rom-com raked in $30 million, making it one of the year’s most successful comedies. Supportive snaps for our girl Amy! And if you’re not a mega-fan already, here’s a refresher on the moment we fell in love.

Hit the mall this week, Virgo friends

Umm, the stars just gave you permission to go shopping, and they’re not going to say it twice. A direct quote? “This is an excellent time to buy wardrobe goodies.” Click here for what else is in store for every sign

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