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kim k bookTHE COVER. (Instagram.com/kimkardashian)

Just moments ago,
Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to reveal the cover of her book, Selfish. After the initial reaction of: "wait, Kim Kardashian has a book?", here are what some members of the ELLE team had to say about the….controversial…image. (Also, if you’re wondering: Kim’s book is entirely composed of selfies she’s taken, inspired by the "selfie books" she makes for Kanye, and is out in May.)

Aliyah Shamsher, features editor: "Kim’s idea of intimate: full makeup, perfect lighting, and some (light?) photoshop. #justhangingout"
Ava Baccari, assistant editor: "Like all selfie books, this is the kind of coffee table literature that I will display only during fancy dinner parties so my guests can surmise my cultural superiority and learnedness."
Sarah Thompson, producer: "Honestly, I’m still getting used to seeing Mrs. Kardashian West on the red carpet at the MET Gala. I guess I’m just not ready to see her on the shelves of my favourite book store. Sorry, Kim!"
Charlotte Herrold, associate style editor: "Nothing says serious published author to me like this cover."
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