One too many “ole oles” during the World Cup? Refresh that hoarsened throat with a fruity twist on Brazil’s national drink, created by Kelly Ann Woods of Vancouver’s La Mezcaleria. Built on the bones of the traditional caipirinha—crushed ice and the sugarcane based spirit, cacacha—this is a sweet but tart surprise of a summer sipper. “It’s a late afternoon on a patio kind of drink,” says Woods. “If you want a strong drink, drink it fast – but if you want it to develop and let the fruit really round it out, take your time and give it some stirs so that it all blends nicely together.”

Check out the slideshow below for a step-by-step break down on how to make it! 

ELLE cocktail: La Condesa
ELLE cocktail: The Buffalo Soldier
ELLE cocktail: The Shotgun Wedding