The “PetPetter,” the “iArm” and the “iDrive” gag gift boxes from Prank Packs. Photo by Corissa Bagan.

Feeling a little cheeky this holiday season? Then a gag gift box may be just the thing to spice up your gift-giving. Yes, they are absurd. But that’s the point—because they will definitely bring some perplexed smiles (and some momentarily forced “Wow, thanks”es) to your Christmas morning…plus a good round of giggles once the realization finally hits that there’s a real gift inside the box. Now that’s a Christmas morning moment to remember! Here are six suggested gag box and giftee pairings:
For the pet-obsessed: Do you have a family member who constantly reminds you not to forget a gift for their pampered pooch—which must, of course, come perfectly wrapped? Then stash the dog treats inside this box for a fake 85-pats-per-minute automatic four-speed “PetPetter.”
Box slogan: “Never touch your pets again!”
For the tech-consumed: We’ve all got at least one friend or family member who annoyingly puts Candy Crush above all else. So send a sly message by tucking your true gift inside this box for the imaginary “iArm: Forearm Mount.”
Box slogan: “Your world. An arm’s length away.”
For the multi-tasker: If you’ve ever driven with someone who can’t put down their smart phone (come, on…it’s against the law!) then send a subtle little jab with this box for the thankfully non-existent “iDrive: Mobile Device Mount.”
Box slogan: “Take the show on the road.” Find out where to get these gag boxes…plus, see three more fake gift-box options for the home-gourmet, the stress-case and the neat-freak…