Downton Abbey: The Best of the Season 4 Finale

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Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief, shall we? We made it to the end of season 4 of Downton Abbey without the violent death of any major character (although I was prepared for a shark to take someone off the beach in the last second of the last scene). Of course, this likely means whole scale slaughter when DA returns in January 2015 – but for now, we leave Crawley and Co. all quietly comfortable and on an even keel (much like the entire season itself, really). Some of my favourite moments of the season finale (sob):

The Hand Holding That Stunned the World Carson and Mrs Hughes! The very last moment, when these two legends walk into the surf, hand in hand, is probably the best thing about the episode (nay, season). Forget Mathew and Mary, this is the will they / won’t they couple that I’ve been cheering for since Day 1. It was extra nice because it was so unexpected (no longing looks over the breakfast toast to foreshadow, thank goodness).
Uncle Harold’s Style Paul Giamatti’s turn as ‘Uncle Harold’, the Crawley’s brash American in-law, was a delight in general (although can we all agree that his valet is actually the most irritating thing ever?). What was really fabulous though? His totally inspired by Jay Gatsby ensemble.
The Presentation Outfits Okay, the bridal veils are a bit weird, but take them off, and you have my favourite costuming moment of the season – Rose’s ombre pink, drop waist ball gown in particular was a highlight. (Although that massive crinoline skirt lost a little of it’s appeal when the ‘nose-powdering’ options for the regal occasion turn out to be a chamberpot behind a screen).
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