Downton Abbey Series 4, Week 2: Back To Reality

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71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsMichelle Dockery / Lady Mary reppin’ DA at the Golden Globes last night. Image courtesy of Getty.

Well, that was a rough one. Between the opera-singing, the card-sharping and the utterly horrific thing that happens to Anna, Downton Abbey managed to host the world’s least-successful house party this week. For all of y’all complaining about the zombie-land season premiere – well, Julian Fellowes heard, and has tightened the screws accordingly.

Most Inspirational: Gotta keep your head up, ohhhh! Molesley, one-time valet to Mathew, now delivery boy / tar placement specialist, is faced with the greatest of all indignities: he’s now got a temp footman gig at Downton, and Carson (seriously Mean-Girling in the ep, btw) asks him to wear GLOVES while serving at dinner.
GLOVES! Molesley is a model of (slightly pained-looking) stoicism.
Least Inspiring: Offered: Lord Gillingham and his Josh Groban-esque curls as a potential love interest for Lady Mary. Reception: very lukewarm.
Best Head-Wear: This was a great week in head-topper-style at Downton. I loved the casual-headscarf-at-breakfast sported by Lady Edith (looking seriously loved up with not-quite-as-geriatric-as-the-last-guy Michael Gregson), and the otherwise excruciating opera listening party featured
some fabulous tiaras.
Worst Conversationalist: Oh Tom. Watching you try to talk to some duchess about cereal crops was so, so painful. But even if you did feel very out of place, that still did not make it a good idea to accept a jug-ful of whisky from scheming Braithwaite, who we have a horrible feeling now knows what you look like without your tweeds on.
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