Downton Abbey Season 4, Part 5: The New Arrival

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downton abbey season 4 part 5 Lady Mary’s finally got something to smile about. Image courtesy of Instagram (@downtonabbey_official)

Now we’re getting somewhere! It’s been a bit of a slow boil, but the pot is finally startling to bubble on the great soap-operatic stove that is Downton Abbey. (That metaphor was way over-stretched, stopping now). Here are the three big developments that are adding a bit of much needed zing to a thus-far gloopy season:

That Kiss! Rose brought the jazz band from last episode (including the debonair African-American band-leader) up to Downton as a surprise for Lord Grantham’s birthday. The one who got the real surprise was Lady Mary, who chanced upon Rose and the afore-mentioned band leader locked in a passionate embrace. The course of this love is not going to run smooth, I fear…
That Guy! Like clockwork, they’ve wheeled in love interest number two for Lady Mary (who gets an awful lot of attention for someone who never seems the house) – and this one’s a winner. This time it’s a government official (played by Julian Ovendon, who fun fact, is also an opera singer) intent on shutting down the aristocracy (or something like that). His contempt and her condescension = a match made in frustrated heaven.
That Baby! Yup. Edith’s prego – she’s even got a doctor’s note to prove it. In other news, the Dowager Duchess lost and found a pen knife.
What are your thoughts on how Edith’s storyline is going to play out?
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