Downton Abbey Season 4, Part 4: Who Cares?

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downton abbey season 4 part 4This week’s ep: about as exciting as watching a floor dry. Image courtesy of Instagram (@downtonabbey_official).

This week’s installment is like the Tuesday afternoon of episodes: not too eventful, a tiny bit tedious, and utterly unmemorable. For real: in sitting down to write this, I struggled to actually remember what (if anything) happened to the gang at D-Abbs last night. Deep reflection and one extra-strong latte later, here are my ‘highlights’ (remarkable on the same level as cute dog walking past your window on a Sunday afternoon, that is):

Tom Continues To Mope Another episode, another attention-seeking bout of sulks. This time, he’s threatening to move to America..but there was a pretty adorable little moment with him and Sybil Jr.
Peg the Assistant Gardener There was a baffling-ly banal sub-sub-sub-plot in which Mathew’s mom convinces old Lady Grantham to hire ‘young Peg’ as garden help. If there was any whiff of a May-December romance coming out of this, I’d be intrigued…but for the moment it just seemed a good excuse for the two to exchange some (frankly half-hearted) barbs.
Mary Sheds A Tear A single, utterly elegant tear when she finds out about Lord Boring’s engagement to another woman.
Edith Goes To the Doctor! A covert visit to a London doctor who is definitely an OB-GYN, guys. I hate to say I called it…but I did.
Bates And Anna Speak Bates finds out (half) the truth about Anna’s assault, and the conversation they (finally!) have about it was delicately done. BUT – whoever is doing the music needs to lay off the ‘ominous chords’ when it comes to Mr Bates. He’s going to do something violent / vengeful / borderline psychopathic, we get it!
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