Dog Gone! Has Royal Pup Lupo Been Banished?

Jan 14 2014 by
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge With Their Son Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge In BuckleburyLupo, bottom right, in happier times. Image courtesy of Getty.

One minute you’re the royal hound, your life an endless montage of walks on the moors with your royal owners, flowing, Cocker Spaniel locks bouncing in the wind, flashing your winning grin at bowing-and-scraping passers-by.
Fast forward a few months, and it’s a bleak, post-George world for you, Lupo-the-Cambridge-couple’s-dog. According to
reports by UK paper the Daily Express (complete with requisite grainy papparazzi shots), Will and
Kate’s dog has been on an extended "doggy holiday", reportedly staying with the least-attractive Middleton (Kate’s brother James) in London. The paper’s sources say the temporary arrangement is in Prince George’s interests, and Lupo’s parents still love him very much. To add insult to injury: Lupo was also apparently dis-invited from Christmas at the Queen’s, because the corgis like, totally, can’t stand him.
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