Dear Taylor Kitsch,

How are you holding up, man? I know it’s been a crazy year. There was so much hype: “2012 will be the year of Taylor Kitsch” was being tossed about as casually as a hipster tosses a Frisbee.

It made sense; you were all shirtless and 3D for John Carter. You got splashed by waves (wet T-shirt alert!) next to Rihanna for Battleship. And now you’re getting your Blake Lively on for Oliver Stone’s Savages, which opens tomorrow.

So the rub is that all your movies have tanked. I know. It seems like a movie that makes over $250 million at the box office should be a hit. It just isn’t viewed that way if it took basically $250 million to make.

Totes bummer.

But here’s the thing: we love you. Mostly your hair (grow it back!) but also your acting.

If Friday Night Lights taught us anything—and let’s be honest, it taught us a lot—it’s that a good woman doesn’t give up on Tim Riggins.

Good luck. We’re rooting for you,


P.S FFNL also taught us to never hit on the daughter of the woman who is letting you live on a trailer on her lawn. It’s just in poor taste.