David Beckham’s unexpected obsession

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BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - August 28, 2011Let’s all join Soul Cycle. (Getty)

When one thinks about what David Beckham does in his spare time, one imagines lots of hang times with BFF Chris Martin, dinner dates with Vicki, and long hours of navel-gazing (literally though: if we had those abs we’d stare at them 24/7). So colour us suprised when David recently revealed an actual obsession of his…that involves stationary bikes.
Turns out David is yet another convert to the cult of Soul Cycle, which is spinning meets mysticism for the uninitiated. David confessed his love for the intense workout while plugging his new whiskey brand, Haig Club. Said the Beckham to E!: "Yup, I’m at Soul Cycle a lot. I’m very obsessed. It’s a workout that I love. It’s a workout I enjoy and to be honest since I finished playing there aren’t too many workouts that I do enjoy. So when you find one, you stick with it." Becks revealed another secret to his six pack: apparently he keeps fit by running after his kids. Which…is at least not crunches?
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