Choupette Lagerfeld: 3 things you didn’t know about fashion’s most famous feline

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If you hadn’t noticed, it is Choupette Lagerfeld’s world, and we are just the humans who exist within it to serve her—and that includes this pampered Persian’s celebrity father, a designer named Karl. (I think he works at
Chanel?) Choupette is honouring our fair nation with her presence tonight (don’t worry, we’re going to the party, we’ll report back), which means it’s time for you to paws (sorry) and get familiar with the cat of the moment.
Choupette earned more than you last year Like, alot more. Working on just two occasions (modelling for German car company Opel; lending her image to a collab with Japanese make up brand Shu Uemura) this precocious kitten raked in 3 million euros. EUROS, not pieces of kibble. (On that note, Daddy Karl would "never allow her to do foodstuffs. She’s too sophisticated for that," as he told
The Cut. 2.
Her fabulous life almost didn’t happen You’d be pressed to believe it now, but Choupette was born into humble circumstances: She originally belonged to a friend of Karl’s who passed her off to Karl’s maid for a few weeks while he was on vacation. By the time he returned, Karl and Choupette had fallen in love, so he had to replace her with "another cat who became fat, and Choupette became the most famous cat in the world, and the richest," as Daddy Karl tells it. Eat your hear out, Cinderella. 3.
She has staff… …As in multiple personal attendants. Naturally beautiful as she is, Choupette in all her glory does not exactly "wake up like this". She has two full-time maids, whose only purpose in life is to play with her, care for her "hair", and handle the "beauty treatments for her eyes" (which her father refuses to elaborate on further).
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