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Sheepdogs[2] The Sheepdogs – the Saskatoon rock band that landed the cover of
Rolling Stone magazine as relative unknowns – are set to kick off the Open Roof Festival this Thursday, followed by a screening of the rockumentary by John Barnard,
The Sheepdogs Have At It, based on their unique journey. We chatted with The Sheepdogs’ Ewan Currie, vocals and guitar, on musical history, rock star inspirations, and the rockumentary that asserts their identity as both.
Who are your music heroes? "The Band, Paul McCartney, Curtis Mayfield, John Fogerty…amongst approximately one million others."
Do you have a favourite rockumentary? If yes, what is it? "
Some Kind of Monster. Metallica’s dysfunction is fascinating."
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Your favourite line (or band member) from Spinal Tap? "We often reference the scene where they get lost on the way to the stage because that often seems to happen to us."
What did you find to be the most interesting part of filming the documentary? The most surprising? "The final product is always a surprise."
What was your reaction the first time you saw it? What surprised you the most? "I thought we might come across as boring assholes, but we actually seemed like some interesting dudes – all credit to John Barnard."
What are you most proud of so far in your career? "Paying my bills, making a living through playing music."
What’s next for The Sheepdogs? "We’re going to travel the world in a hot air balloon and then compose an album of original material about the experience."
What are the top three songs on your summer playlist? Steely Dan – "Do It Again" Bob Marley – "Soul Shakedown Party" Ike Turner – "Getting Nasty"
What are your favourite summer movies? "
Jaws is the greatest summer movie."
Your summer (clothing) uniform? "I don’t like wearing socks, summer is a good time for me."
Go-to summer drink? "Margarita."
Your beach read choice: Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey. (Truth, gentlemen.) "I’ll take Cormac McCarthy."
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